Almas and A. Qadir Charitable Trust


The Almas and Abdul Qadir Charitable Trust was established in the Courts of Rawalpindi, Pakistan in July 2010 for the purpose of promoting education and welfare of the underserved communities of Pakistan. The trust was established by the children of Almas Qadir and Air Vice Marshal Abdul Qadir, who passed away in early 2010 leaving behind Amber Ghias, Kauser Arif, Malika Niazi and Khurram Qadir, their four children.

The trust is funded by donations, mainly by family and friends, and through their outreach efforts. The Qalam School is the principal project of the AAQC Trust, and through it the trust has brought great benefit to the underprivileged in Gulistan Colony, a suburb of Rawalpindi. Gulistan Colony was initially selected due to the presence of a large "katchi abadi" (shack type temporary dwellings) in a remote section of the colony.

Alhamdolillah, since 2010 the Trust, though The Qalam School has been providing free education to the poorest children of Gulistan colony. However, in the spirit of alleviating their difficulties, the Trustees have also made an effort towards improving the lives of students' families, teaching and non teaching staff of the school. To this effect, over the years, the Trust has funded the construction of small houses for those without homes (living in tents) or very poor living conditions, repaired crumbling homes, helped with provision of clean water via boring, helped dozens of individuals with healthcare expenses for serious health issues, which is a major area of recurring need. In addition the Trust has helped generate income for some exceptionally poor families via small loans to purchase rickshaws and taxis. The Trust has also helped several teachers get married. Finally as an incentive for poor families to send their children to school (and not send them off for child labor), the Trust gives a large sack of atta to all student families monthly, and provides Ramadan ration yearly. The patrons of the Trust are grateful to Allah to allow us to help the needy in a meaningful way.

One of the Founding fathers of the Pakistan Air Force

Air Vice Marshal Abdul Qadir, born July 24, 1922, was one of the pioneers of the Pakistan Air Force. He joined the Royal Indian Air Force in 1944 and after participating in WWII, became one of the first few officers to begin the new Pakistan Air Force under the leadership of Air Marshal Asghar Khan. AVM A. Qadir served the Air Force selflessly, and reached the rank of the Vice Chief of the Air Force (then DCAS), and also served as Director General Civil Aviation. He retired from the Air Force in 1972 and then served as Additional Secretary Defense, before taking full retirement in 1975. He was a man greatly loved and deeply respected by all. It was in the spirit of serving their nation, and following in the footsteps of their father, that his children took on the task of welfare work, which they hope to be sadaq-e-jaria for their parents.

We pray that Allah accepts this from us.

The Board

Dr. Khurram Qadir, Chairman of the Board. Dr. Qadir grew up in Rawalpindi and did his medicine from the Army Medical College in 1987. He has been a consulting gastroenterologist for over 25 years.

Mrs. Maliha Sikander, Board member and Founding Principal of The Qalam School. Mrs Sikander has over 30 years of teaching experience and has been school principal since 2010.

Amber Ghias, resident of Karachi, a retired teacher who taught at Froebel’s Academy Karachi for many years.

Dr. Ayaz Khan, Managing Director, Makkays. Dr. Khan, resident of Islamabad has over 30 years of business experience and has been involved with many charitable causes over the years.

Syed Sharafuddin, Former CEO of Mulsim Aid, UK, and free lance writer, lives between Islamabad and London.

Seek knowledge from

the cradle to the grave

Who We Teach

Our children came to us from homes where the parents were not educated. Typically, they would leave their children at home and look for manual labor to earn menial wages. Their children would roam around . . .

What We Teach

Students at The Qalam School are taught how to read, write and express themselves in English and Urdu. They are taught Math, basic concepts of science, social studies, and general knowledge. Their education also includes . . .

Where We Teach

The Qalam School is situated in the outskirts of a small subdivision of Rawalpindi known as Gulistan Colony, behind the famous Ayub Park, off the Grand Trunk road. This area was chosen due to the presence of shack-type dwellings . . .