A Perpetual Charity

The Qalam School was established in July 2010 for the purpose of providing quality education to impoverished children as an act of perpetual charity (sadaqa-e-jaria) by the children of Almas Qadir and Abdul Qadir who passed away a few months apart in 2010. Their children honor this act of service to their parent’s loving and selfless upbringing. They request you to pray for them.

Our Principal & Staff

The Director and founding Principal of Qalam School, Maliha Sikander is the heart and soul of the school. Maliha has extensive teaching and administrative experience and a passion for helping the needy. She embodies gentleness and is adored by all.

Maliha’s work is aided and reinforced by the school vice principal, Leyla Khalid, MS, who is dedicated to the education of underprivileged children. Leyla was hired as the Academic Supervisor in 2018. She quickly proved herself in both academics and administration and was promoted to VP in 2019.

Maliha has a staff of 20 well-qualified and dedicated full-time teachers. Many of the schools’ teachers and non-teaching staff come from the local community, providing employment opportunities to the area it serves. The school has high staff retention rate due to rewarding work and compassionate leadership. The school has a full time PT instructor who focuses on the student’s physical well-being and discipline.

Seek knowledge from

the cradle to the grave

Who We Teach

Our children came to us from homes where the parents were not educated. Typically, they would leave their children at home and look for manual labor to earn menial wages. Their children would roam around . . .

What We Teach

Students at The Qalam School are taught how to read, write and express themselves in English and Urdu. They are taught Math, basic concepts of science, social studies, and general knowledge. Their education also includes . . .

Where We Teach

The Qalam School is situated in the outskirts of a small subdivision of Rawalpindi known as Gulistan Colony, behind the famous Ayub Park, off the Grand Trunk road. This area was chosen due to the presence of shack-type dwellings . . .